Kaety Byerley


At XO Tucson, customer service is my number one priority.

This means getting to know you as a unique person, listening to your goals and dreams, understanding your financial situation, providing honest and informed feedback...and hustling!

Your satisfaction is my goal as your Realtor. 

I am a former ER Nurse and Health Coach at Google in Mountain View, CA. 
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Why do you XO Tucson?

Tucson is a city of legends. Said to be settled on the longest continuously inhabited spot in North America, Tucson finds itself memorialized still in at least 14 popular songs. In 2016, Tucson was named one of eight UNESCO World Cities of Gastronomy.

Kaety is a Realtor in Tucson, Arizona.
XO Tucson is her brand.

Tucson is home to so much that's unique - from the saguaro cactus, incredible restaurants, art, culture and conservation.  XO Tucson is our brand, our business, and more than that - it's a tribute to a place as unique as it's name.  

Let Kaety help you discover what you XO about Tucson. Contact Kaety.


XO | Culture & Food


"Tucson’s passion for its food culture goes well beyond the kitchen. People embrace new ventures and cheer creative solutions to help people eat better."

-The New York Times

XO | Natural Beauty


"Thanks to a local ordinance that strictly limits artificial-light pollution, Tucson supposedly has the darkest night skies of any city its size in the country."

-The Washington Post

XO | Job Growth


XO | Conservation


"Career opportunities are a big draw in [Tucson], where Moody’s projects job growth of about 11.1% over the next five years."

-Money Magazine

"Now, graywater use is not only legal in Tucson, and indeed the rest of Arizona, but promoted, and, in some cases, required."

-Time Magazine


Tierra Antigua Realty

I have worked with Tierra Antigua since 2016 and I couldn't be more happy with the company.  Tierra Antigua is the largest locally-owned brokerage in southern Arizona with deep ties to the community.  As a company, Tierra Antigua puts the needs of agents, clients, and the community first. 

In real estate, it matters who you work with.  At Tierra, we believe in building long term relationships based upon honesty, professionalism, and integrity. 

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About Kaety Byerley


After living for many years in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area, I returned to Tucson where I grew up.

I have been a full time Realtor since 2016. I began as the dedicated Buyer's Agent for a successful real estate team. In 2017 I decided it was time to fulfill a dream - to start my own business. I now work with buyers and sellers, as well as with real estate investors and those looking to relocate to Tucson. I work with experienced buyers and those looking to make their first home purchase.

Everyone Should Work In A Restaurant

After college, while attending NYU Nursing School in Manhattan, I waited tables at a high-end French restaurant. That was where I learned that the best service is the kind you never notice. I strive for that level of care, and that level of subtlety, in my role as your Realtor.

What I Learned From Nursing

As a Registered Nurse for over ten years, I worked in intensive and emergency care, and later focused on preventive and integrative health as a Health Coach at Google in Mountain View, California.  My personal goals as a nurse included anticipating the needs of my patients, always being as informed as possible and never losing sight of my patients' humanity. Being able to provide a high level of quality care made huge differences to my patients and their families.

My Promise To You

If you choose to work with XO Tucson, I promise to bring the same level of customer service and attention to detail that I have honed over the years in my other professional roles. Your real estate goals are my priority, and I will do everything I can to help you achieve them!